Friday, May 8, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

This is a watercolor in which I poured colors onto 140 lb cold press paper and allowed them to run and mingle. I then came back in and defined my wild flowers. It was done a few years ago, but still one of my favorites that I've kept.
I have managed this blog since 2009. It has served well to see progress in my work. However, I believe as a marketing tool, it can destroy my quality if I try to post daily or quite often. I have learned many things over the years.
This year I am sitting back, reevaluating and focusing on my loves. Hope to plein air to bring my skills to a higher level. I post some on Facebook. I will still visit here as well. Wherever my journey takes me, I wish you blue skies and fair winds to see you on your way!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

You make my heart sing!

Cardinal, 7x7 Greeting Card from Recycled Milk Carton Paper

I have been creating intuitively of late. Allowing myself to use any means to instill feelings into my works. I have been trying to draw something small every day...sometimes it's like this little bird drawn onto my calendar paper! I liked him so much, I tore around his shape to place him on a card. I began the card on recycled milk carton paper. I like the four folding plenty of room to play! I limited myself to three colors; red, black and white. I lay down the red onto blank paper first using full body acrylics. I then used the red with Pthalo Blue to create my black and lightly scraped across the red with old credit card to incorporate texture. Then the fun began with collaging material scrapes, my drawing and printing applied with a French Language Stamp! I like the way it developed.
Dream big...soar high! If rejected, dust off your clothes and leave, for they were not ready for your love!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Silver Filled Hand Wired Set

I used 4mm Ocean Jasper, 6mm Moonstones and various other stones, including 4mm Hematite, Crystals and one older vintage stone to create this set. The necklace is princess size (20 inches) while the bracelet measures 7-3/4". The stones are various tones of white, dark and light green, burnt orange, black and ocher. I chose these colors to reflect well off any palette. I have also included Silver Plated Beads, Miraculous Medal and Cross to help with healing. If you are interested, contact me. The set retails for $110. This price definitely does not cover my is a work of love!

Saturday, January 3, 2015


Without it, even big accomplishments fade...with it, little things appear greater. Recount something you are grateful for each day and your life will grow in abundance.
This is a small 10x10 mixed media work I created as a response to an artistic challenge by Somerset Studio for a lavender project. I began on a wooden panel by applying a lavender printed tissue paper. I then applied light coats of lavender color to the panel letting it run and spraying it until I saw the far shore line of a pond. I love to imagine the moon reflecting on know it shines down on us all...sort of equal opportunity. I like that as well. I decided I should be in the painting so I took my homemade stamp and placed myself there with darker paint. I then filled it with touches of skin tone, whiter reflections from the moon and markers to draw in what I felt...gratitude.
I hope 2015 brings you many happy moments and you make time to reflect on your gifts. Peace.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Merry Christmas!

"Self Portrait" Watercolor & Inks 9x12
As we go into the final countdown, I want to wish you all wonderful tidings of good cheer! There is nothing like great times to rejuvenate the soul...may all your dreams come true! Thank you for sharing mine.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Do you see what I see?

Copyright 2014, Unfinished Watercolor Study, Trudy Gomez     
Many of you know I have created individually painted Christmas Cards for friends and clients the past few years. This year I will create one painting...make small prints and send those out. I hope no one will be upset...this allows me to focus on the reason for the season! 
Above is a watercolor in progress. I have basically drawn off my subject and laid down my first wash of colors for compatibility. The funny ragged marks are mystic applied to preserve my lightest lights. My subject has her ragged winter coat on! I started with the sky laying in some blues...I never stick with just one blue on my sky. I then took Daniel Smith Pyrrol Orange to lay in my contrast against the blue...complimentary, yes? Then after mixing these two colors, I laid in some grays. After this, I started happy dancing across my board using Daniel Smith Cobalt Blue, American Journey Copper Kettle and Opera Pink from shavings off a watercolor crayon! I will come back after this layer dries to add some more medium and dark range colors from the same palette. After the second layer dries, I will remove mystic and adjust to blend. I can already see areas where serious work is needed to adjust...get thee away from me Critic!
Many don't practice the written word. It is priceless to me. I love sharing your vision of Christmas.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Art Jewelry!

October 2014 Peace Dove Necklace
August 2014 Rose Dove Necklace

After my last post, I received a few inquiries regarding my jewelry pieces. Today I decided to post a couple of necklaces where the icons were used in construction. They are one of a kind. Many of the parts are donated, found or purchased at flea markets. I am constantly on the lookout for vintage beads or icons. This gives me an excuse to visit small town antique shops and county fairs. I also use them in bracelets and hope to include some in my earrings soon. Sometimes they sell off my body! I hope you have a passion and find the means to pursue it heartily!